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Our classes provide a fun, creative, and motivating way to build strength and gain flexibility in a safe and supportive environment.

We love new students! If you have never tried aerial arts classes, there are lots of options for you to get started. You'll be flying through the air in no time. - Aerial Yoga, Intro to Silks, and Intro to Lyra are the best classes for aerial newbies. Due to current covid restrictions, we are not taking new students at this time. If you are interested in getting on our waitlist, please email us at info@aerialtheoryfitness.com

All are welcome to join our Online Strength and Flexibility Classes on Zoom!

Class sizes are kept small for more personalized attention. 


Wear athletic clothing that you feel comfortable in when going upside down. Leggings are best. Shorts and exposed midriffs are not recommended.


Payment for class is accepted anytime prior to class start time via credit card on our MindBody site.

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After mastering the basics in the Intro to Silks class, you are ready to start learning poses, basic tricks and inversions in Beginning Silks. In Intermediate and Advanced Silks classes you will work on more intricate sequences, poses and drops. 

Aerial Hammock

Prerequisite: At least 1 Intro to Silks or Aerial Yoga - Level 1 class

Similar to aerial silks, however; aerial hammock is 1 piece of fabric in a U-shape rather than 2 separated pieces. Students will learn to invert from the ground and from the air, and learn poses, sequences and drops.

Aerial Yoga

A unique style of yoga that allows you to move through a series of stretches and strengthening poses with the assistance of an aerial hammock, which is about hip-height from the ground. No previous experience necessary for the Level 1 class. Level 2 class is also available for students who are ready to advance. 


Lyra is also known as Aerial Hoop. After mastering the basics in the Intro to Lyra class, you are ready to start learning short sequences, basic drops and additional mounts in Beginning Lyra. In Intermediate Lyra classes you will work on more intricate sequences, poses and drops. 

Junior Aerialists
(ages 7-10)
Youth Silks/Youth Hammock (ages 11-17)

Prerequisite: Completion of Beginning Silks/Hammock Curriculum

Gain stamina and find your personal style on the fabric. In this class we will combine skills into short routines. We will focus on transitions, correct technique and performance. Silks and Hammock classes available. Youth and adult classes available

Students ages 7-10 will learn basic techniques and skills including climbs, poses and inversions. No previous experience necessary. 

Students ages 11- 17 will learn basic techniques and skills including climbs, poses and inversions. No previous experience necessary for the Youth Beginning Silks/Hammock class. 

ONLINE - Flexibility
ONLINE - Aerial Conditioning and Strength Building

This class offers a total body stretch, which focuses on flexibility needed not just for aerial but for health. All levels welcome. Adults and Youth ages 13+

Improve overall conditioning and build strength through circuit-style training on the floor, silks, hammock and lyra. Condition your entire body, with the main focus on upper body, grip and core strength.  Modifications given to accommodate for all levels. Adults and youth ages 14+

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are not currently allowing students to share fabric (hammocks/silks). Students must bring their own fabrics (must be properly rated), or rent a studio fabric. We have a limited number of rental fabrics available. Please contact info@aerialtheoryfitness.com for availability. 

Private Lessons / Parties

Private lessons are available for students who want 1-on-1 or small group sessions.  Also a great idea for parties - Birthday, Bachelorette, Team-Building, Private Parties or any occasion!

Contact info@aerialtheoryfitness.com for availability.


Electronic Gift Cards Available - Click here for instructions


Aerial Camps and Enrollments (4-week sessions):

  • 1 class/week: $88

  • 2 classes/wk: $160

Online Strength and Flexibility Classes Livestream via Zoom:

  • Drop In: $15

  • 3-Pack: $36

  • 5-Pack: $50

Private lessons:

  • Single Session: $60/hour for 1 person; $40/hour per person for a 2-person private lesson

  • Multipack (3 or more private lessons purchased): $50/hour for 1 person; $35/hour per person for a 2-person private lesson

Private Parties:

  • $25/person for 1 hour (3-4 people)

Equipment Rental:

  • Silk or Hammock Rental (4 weeks): $20

All students (current and new) are welcome to join out Online Zoom classes for Strength Building and Flexibility! No experience needed. Modifications given for Beginners to Advanced students. Classes are reserved on a single class basis. Reserve your spot in class on MindBody


In-studio classes are reserved in 4-week Enrollments and are open to current students only (due to covid capacity restrictions)

Students and parents will be notified by newsletter when registration for a new Enrollment is open

If you are a new student and would like to get on the waitlist for when we are able to take new students in classes, please email us at info@aerialtheoryfitness.com


Aerial Theory Tanks, T-Shirts and Jackets

Jackets - $37
Tanks -$20
Youth T-Shirt - $20
Mens T-Shirt - $25

Looking for more Aerial clothing? Check out Aerialetics! And make sure to sure our discount code: AERIALLOVE



Molly Alghussain - Molly is the owner and founder of Aerial Theory. She has been an aerial performer in full-scale theatrical productions, at various charity events, corporate events, and private parties throughout her aerial career. She has been teaching and performing in aerial arts for 10 years and has 15 years of gymnastics experience. She loves sharing her passion for aerial arts with others!

Brandi Cooper - After seeing her first Cirque show as a child Brandi was drawn to the elegance of aerial arts. She joined Aerial Theory with essentially no prior experience in gymnastics or dance, and minimal strength, but with consistence and determination she has been able to progress into advanced skills and choreography. She is excited to share her passion and hopes to empower others to believe in their potential. When you start from the bottom, you can only go up - so let's climb!

Lauren Dabbs - Lauren’s yoga journey blossomed from spending her youthful years in the small town of Nosara, Costa Rica. There she found her foundations in the practice and developed her roots in mindfulness, eventually leading her to become a vinyasa and aerial yoga instructor. She is also certified in the influences of yin and reiki. Her ultimate goal is to act as a guide along other's spiritual journeys, infusing yoga and mindfulness to create a healthy balanced lifestyle. Lauren’s classes include a variety of fluid movement offering self inquiry and introspection. She considers herself a life long learner always evolving and refining her expertise in the field. She is currently on the path to becoming a psychologist, and broadening her healing practice into the studies of the mind.

Jeanelle Ditto - After looking for a unique way to express her love for the arts, Jeanelle found aerial silks to be the perfect workout to get her body back in shape after having 2 kids! Silks is her passion. She wants to help others get the same results that she has, and to experience the excitement felt while performing.

Caroline Dobbs - Caroline discovered the aerial arts when looking for ways to expand her yoga and exercise routine. After quickly failing in love with the beauty and excitement of aerial silks and hammock, she dedicated as much as time as she could to training and learning as many new skills as possible. Caroline loves to share her passion for aerial with students of all ages, and hopes to not only just teach, but to inspire her students to find their own personal freedom in the air! 

Julie Lai Fatt - Julie has been doing silks for over 4 years. She first got started while she was a student at UCSD, and it's been a growing passion ever since. She loves silks because not only is it an amazing and fun workout, but it's also a creative form of expression with endless possibilities. Let's reach new heights together!

Daisy Pavlovics - Daisy grew up as a dancer, cheerleader, and primarily a gymnast. As her gymnastics days came to an end, she looked for something new, and that’s when she found aerial silks. Through aerial silks, she is able to explore and utilize her flexibility, strength, and movement through new and exciting ways. Daisy coached recreational gymnastics for several years and now teaches acrobatic dance and yoga. Her heart has always been drawn to teaching in various forms whether academic, artistic, or athletic. Daisy embraces her ability to teach as an opportunity to lead others both young and old in their own journey of joy through movement.

Lauren Pfannenstiel - Six years ago, Lauren was looking for a fun new workout routine and bought a Groupon for an aerial silks class. Flash forward to present day, this trial workout is now an integral part of her daily life bringing with it an outlet for joy, strength, beauty, and creativity. Lauren started with learning aerial silks before moving on to other apparatuses, and eventually finding her favorite in the hammock. She has coached both the silks and hammock for the past five years, and loves exploring and playing with how different skills from the silks, lyra, and trapeze can translate to the hammock and vice versa.  She is excited to share her passion and joy of aerial with you!

Lisa Sassa - Lisa has been practicing aerial silks, hammock and lyra for 5 years and is excited to share her passion for aerial arts with her students. Lisa found her love for artistic movement as a former competitive gymnast. She is a professional aerialist, and is currently a resident aerial performer at Parq nightclub in San Diego.

Jeny Tamayo - With a passion and love for all forms of self expression ever since she was little, Jeny was inspired after having 3 kids to finally set it free and began a journey of exploration, with painting, yoga, movement and music. When Jeny came across a Groupon for aerial silks she was fascinated to find out what was all about, and after the first class she fell in love with it all - the physical, mental and emotional aspects of it. Jeny has consistently practiced silks and hammock ever since, and loves to inspire others to explore their unique form expression in the aerial arts. Never stop exploring the possibilities of what you can do!

Susan Taylor - Susan has been teaching yoga since 1998. She found the Pilates method of movement in 1996 and became certified by the leading professionals in 2000. For the last several years she has been interested in various forms of circus arts, flexibility included. Susan has put together many flexibility lesson plans to benefit performers and enthusiasts alike.

Sherry Winslow- Sherry is a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, specialist in performance nutrition. At five years old she started her dance career and never stopped moving! Sherry’s goal is to help athletes and performers build a strong, healthy, functionally fit body through natural movements. She fell in love with aerial silks in 2016 and has since created programs for herself and other students to gain the strength and stamina required to learn, perform and have fun in the aerial arts.


FAQs and Policies



Aerial Yoga, Intro to Silks, and Intro to Lyra are the best classes to start with when trying an aerial class for the first time. Flexibility, Aerial Strength & Conditioning and Open Gym are great supplemental classes for students of all levels. If you would like to be added to our waitlist for new students, please email us at info@aerialtheoryfitness.com


Wear comfortable athletic clothes that are easy to move in (form-fitted is best). Ensure that your midriff is covered and pants cover the back of your knees (no shorts). Please avoid wearing clothing with zippers, as they may damage the fabrics.

Students are barefoot or may wear socks during classes.

No jewelry (besides stud earrings) may be worn during class. 



Payment for class is due prior to the start of class. Payment can be made online via the MindBody site. You are responsible for payment if you or your child attends class. 1 make up class is allowed per Enrollment session. If you need to cancel your Enrollment, you may do so up to 2 days prior to that start date of that Enrollment. If you will not make it to one of the classes in the session, email us at info@aerialtheoryfitness.com to schedule a make up class. 




Please wait outside the studio until your instructor lets you in. This allows the previous class to leave before the next class comes in. Parents: please drop off and pick up your child at the front door of the lobby. Please inform us if you know you will be late picking up your child. Instruct your child to wait inside the building until you arrive. Parents are not allowed to pick up with children from the back door (roll-up door) of the studio. This is an active alleyway and it is not safe for pick up. 


Contact Us

Aerial Theory

330 Rancheros Drive, Suite 118

San Marcos, CA 92069

(next door to Billiards & Barstools)

Email: info@aerialtheoryfitness.com

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